Hi Everyone!

Today is the start of my planner series! This project share is on embellished paper clips and it is quick and easy. 

All you need are paperclips (any size), a glue gun, chipboard stickers, charms, felt charms, tulle, bottle cap charms…the list can go on and on. 

Next, take your charm or sticker and add a little glue to the back and stick on your paperclip. Easy, right! 

I added a little felt circle on the back of mine to cover the glue, add a finishing touch and make the stick a little stronger.

Helpful tips

  • If you are using a chipboard sticker, to get the stickiness off just add a little bit of corn starch to the stick area and wipe off and voila, it will no longer be sticky!
  • Gather all of the embellishments you want to add to your paperclips first and then lay each one out with a paperclip underneath, this way you make sure you have the right number of paperclips and you can decide how you want to glue them on. 
I hope you enjoyed my project. If you would like to see a video, let me know!


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