Hi Friends!

Today’s project share are Halloween Loaded Envelopes. I love to mail my nieces and nephews goodies each holiday and this year I packed up these envelopes with a bunch of Halloween goodies and snacks.

Each bag is assembled pretty much the same way and I included similar embellishments. I added different designer paper for each so they would be just a bit different.

20161016_165241392_ios 20161016_165230219_ios 20161016_165217229_ios 20161016_165020304_ios 20161016_165006674_ios 20161016_165303294_ios 20161016_165249529_ios

If you want to see a walk through of what I included and how stuffed they were BEFORE I added the goodies, you can see that here:

Thanks so much for stopping by & I hope you enjoyed my project!


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